Thank you for your interest in Haleigh’s Hope®. All of our products can be ordered online and shipped to all 50 states and many countries. Please do not hesitate to contact our support team about any questions you may have (i.e. what the differences between our products are, what the ratios mean, which product is good for what, dosing questions, and much more) Call us at (888) 328-0175 or email us at We also work with The Flowering H.O.P.E. Foundation to offer support and education. The team there works closely with individuals and families and can help you with any questions plus supply you with support and education on your journey. They can be reached at (719)368-7963,, and

Q: What product should I use?

The Flowering H.O.P.E. Foundation can help you with all your questions specifically about our products. They can be reached at (719)368-7963,, and

Q: What is Haleigh’s Hope?

Haleigh’s Hope is a high quality botanical oil made from organic, all natural ingredients.

Q: When should I re-order?

We know it can be stressful if you run out of Haleigh’s Hope before your new bottle arrives. It is a good idea to place a new order when you are down to half of a bottle to allow for plenty of time for a new order to be processed and shipped.

Q: When will my order ship?

Although we do our best to get orders out the same business day or next business day, orders can take up to 5 business days to ship.

Once your order has shipped, the transit time will be based on which UPS shipping option you have chosen. Keep in mind, the shipping service is also based on business days. For example: A Friday shipment with UPS overnight service will arrive on Monday.

Q: Is Haleigh’s Hope USDA Organic Certified?

A: Yes, all Haleigh’s Hope products are USDA Organic Certified from seed to sale. This means that our farms and the entire production and packaging process is certified organic by a USDA approved third-party certifier.

Q: Does Haleigh’s Hope support regenerative farming practices?

A: Yes, this farming practice is a large part of our Organic Certification with the USDA. We use cover crops and crop rotations to naturally regenerate the soil.

Q: Where is the Haleigh’s Hope hemp grown?

A: All hemp used in the Haleigh’s Hope products is grown on our USDA Organic Certified farms in Colorado, USA.

Q: Is Haleigh’s Hope a member of any hemp association, like the US Hemp Roundtable or US Hemp Authority?

A: No, we are not members of any hemp association. We see more value for the consumer to focus on our third-party verified GMP Certification and our USDA Organic Certifications, as these are more recognized and respected within the health and wellness communities.

Q: What extraction method does Haleigh’s Hope use?

A: Our USDA Organic Certified handling facility only uses beverage grade C02 for our extraction machine. The entire process, including everything that touches our products in USDA Organic Certified.

Q: Is Haleigh’s Hope GMP Certified?

A: Yes, Haleigh’s Hope has received GMP certification from one of the largest GMP certifiers in the world.

Q: Does Haleigh’s Hope use third-party Certificate of Analysis lab reports?

A: Yes, Haleigh’s Hope uses a third-party lab throughout the production process to ensure that the products meet or exceed our stringent quality standards. Once the product is complete, Haleigh’s Hope does a full panel lab test before the final packaging is done. The batch specific full panel tests are available to everyone who purchases products from Haleigh’s Hope.

Q: What CofA’s are included in a full panel lab report?

A: Haleigh’s Hope tests each batch for Potency, Pesticides, Microbials, and Heavy Metals.

Q: How do I access my lab report?

A: Haleigh’s Hope has a large range and several variations of products. Because of this, we encourage consumers to obtain the lab reports from our online support group where there is a trained and knowledgeable staff available to answer questions regarding your specific batch. You can also access lab reports here.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about my order or I need help figuring out which product is best for me?

A: Haleigh’s Hope has a great customer service team there to help with all of your questions.

Toll Free: (888) 328-0175 | Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM MST

E-Mail: Customer Support –| Wholesale –

Mail: Haleigh’s Hope | 5715 Fairfax Street | Unit B | Commerce City, Colorado 80022