Jack’s Story

On Haleigh’s Hope Jack is alert, present, and collected –  and has had a massive reduction in seizure activity.

Jack was starved of oxygen by negligent doctors at birth.  He developed multiple afflictions as a result of this tragedy, with epilepsy primary among them.  We’ve tried so many drugs over the years as we watched his brain damage and infantile spasms spiral into West syndrome- each medication only worsening his symptoms and/or putting him into a stupor.  The side effects of the meds were terrible and at a point we were just fed up.  A family friend recommended Haleigh’s Hope based on their own experience, so I did some of my own research and we gave it a try,  …and wow!  Where Jack once had fifty seizures a day (only to be knocked out by anticonvulsants), Haleigh’s Hope had him awake, alert, calm, seemingly unmedicated, and- most importantly- drastically seizure-reduced.

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