Justin’s Story

We tried every medication under the sun in an attempt to control Justin’s seizures. Haleigh’s Hope has changed his life.

At 34-years-old, Justin has only known relief from his daily seizures through cannabis. His diagnosis is Lennox Gastaut syndrome (LGS), a form of epilepsy both rare and severe.  In addition to reducing their frequency and intensity, Haleigh’s Hope CBD Oil has greatly improved his ability to communicate.  He speaks more clearly now since starting the treatment.  Justin now goes days not only without his aggressive tonic clonic seizures, but with no seizure activity at all.   Prior to Haleigh’s Hope, he would have regular, near-fatal seizures (status epilepticus); the Nasal Spray in particular has been a lifesaver many times over.  Justin has been on every known prescription for seizure disorders, even giving some medications multiple tries.  He’s tried experimental drugs in hopes they would help, VNS therapy, and even a complete corpus callosotomy to surgically separate sections of the brain.  All these drugs and invasive procedures only left disheartening results.  Haleigh’s Hope has literally changed Justin’s life.

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