Kinsley’s Story

Given a dose of Haleigh’s Hope before bed, Kinsley woke up seizure-free.

Kinsley contracted bacterial meningitis at only 3-weeks-old, which led to a stroke that destroyed the entire right half of her brain. At 4-months-old she began having infantile spasms, a type of seizure disorder in babies. In addition to three rounds of heavy steroids, Kinsey was put on seven different medications in an unsuccessful attempt to gain control over her seizures.  She was in and out of hospitals while the medication made her listless and overweight, all the while doing nothing to control her episodes, which could occur over two hundred times a day.  Thankully, we discovered Haleigh’s Hope, and hope was reborn within us.  We gave her the first dose of Haleigh’s Hope one night before bed, and by the next day her seizures were miraculously gone. Now, at nearly 3-years-old, Her EEG scans are clear, she’s off all of her epilepsy medications, and hasn’t had a single seizure in two years.

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