Niklaus’s Story

Haleigh’s Hope has drastically reduced both the frequency and severity of Niklaus’s seizures.

Niklaus is 9-months-old and experiences seizures from two very rare brain diseases, lissencephaly (smooth brain) and microcephaly (small head), both diagnosed in utero.  Niklaus suffered severe infantile spasms early on, consisting of around ten episodes per day, thirty minutes each in duration, and containing up to five hundred spasms per episode.  Unsurprisingly, Niklaus’s severe infantile spasms progressed to full-blown seizures by only 7-months-old and, sadly, prescription medications had no effect.  We were at the end of our rope when we discovered Haleigh’s Hope.  Since beginning the regimen, Niklaus’s seizures have decreased markedly in both frequency and severity, which is no small feat.  This product not only literally saved his life, it completely upgraded its quality.

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