Emma’s Story

It’s incredible that Emma can now go almost three weeks without any seizures at all!

Emma is 4-years-old and and has a rare brain disorder called lissencephaly (smooth brain), of which epileptic seizures are a symptom. At one point, Emma was up to between twenty and twenty-five seizures per day as a result of her condition.  Since starting Haleigh’s Hope in March of 2018, that number has dropped to between eight and ten per month!  It has been a huge accomplishment for Emma to go nearly three weeks without a seizure at all. Doctors never expected her to be completely seizure-free, but we feel that we are finally on the right path.  Haleigh’s Hope, combined with a ketogenic diet, has allowed us to drop down to only one pharmaceutical medication!  The Oil not only helped her seizures, it improved her congnitive abilities noticeably too.  Haleigh’s Hope likely saved her life…  and it’s certainly changed her life in the process.

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